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11/3/71MV (I)

NAME mv -- move or rename a file
SYNOPSIS my name1 name2 ...
DESCRIPTION mv changes the name of name by linking to it under thename name2 and then unlinking name1. Several pairs of

arguments may be given. If the new name is a directory,the file is moved to that directory under its old name. Directories may only be moved within the same parentdirectory (just renamed).

DIAGNOSTICS "?a? -- incorrect argument count"d" -- attempt to move a directory

"s" -- moving file to itself"l"-- link error; old file doesn't exist or can't write

new directory"u" -- can't unlink old name

BUGS If mv succeeds in removing the target file, but then inunable to link back to the old file, the result is ?l and

the removal of the target file. This is common withdemountable file systems and should be circumvented. Also in such cases, mv should copy if it can.
OWNER ken, dmr

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