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dc(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71DC (I)

NAME dc -- desk calculator
DESCRIPTION dc is an arbitrary precision integer arithmetic package.The overall structure of dc is a stacking (reverse Polish)

calculator. The following constructions are recognized bythe calculator:

numberThe value of the number is pushed on the stack. If the

number starts with a zero, it is taken to be octal,otherwise it is decimal.

+ - * / %The top two values on the stack are added (+-), subtracted

(--), multiplied (*), divided (*) or remaindered (%) Thetwo entries are popped off of the stack, the result is pushed on the stack in their place. sx The top of the stack is popped and stored into a

register named x, where x may be any character. lx The value in register x is pushed on the

stack. The register x is not altered. d The top value on the stack is pushed on the

stack. Thus the top value is duplicated. p The top value on the stack is printed in decimal. The

top value remains unchanged. f All values on the stack are popped off and

printed in decimal. r All values on the stack are popped.

q exit. h print brief synopsis of commands to dc.

new--linespace ignored. An example to calculate the monthly, weekly and

11/3/71DC (I)

hourly rates for a $10,000/year salary.10000

100* (now in cents)dsa (non--destructive store) 12/ (pennies per month)1a52/ (pennies per week)

dl0* (deci--pennies per week)375/ (pennies per hzur) f (print all results)(3) 512

(2) 19230(1) 83333

DIAGNOSTICS ? (x) for unrecognized character x.
BUGS % doesn't work correctly.