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check(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71CHECK (I)

NAME check -- file system consistency check
SYNOPSIS check [ filesystem [[ blockno1 ... ] ]
DESCRIPTION check will examine a file system, build a bit map of usedblocks, and compare this bit map against the bit map

maintained on the file system. If the file system is notspecified, a check of both /dev/rf0 and /dev/rk0 is performed. Output includes the number of files on the filesystem, the number of these that are `large', the number of used blocks, and the number of free blocks.
FILES /dev/rf0, /dev/rk0

DIAGNOSTICS Diagnostics are produced for blocks missing, duplicated, andbad block addresses. Diagnostics are also produced for block

numbers passed as parameters. In each case, the blocknumber, i--number, and block class (i = inode, x indirect, f free) is printed.
BUGS The checking process is two pass in nature. If checking isdone on an active file system, extraneous diagnostics may

occur. The swap space on the RF file system is not accounted forand will therefore show up as `missing'.

OWNER ken, dmr