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ar(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71AR (I)

NAME ar -- archive
SYNOPSIS ar key afile name1 ...
DESCRIPTION ar maintains groups of files combined into a single archivefile. Its main use is to create and update library files as

used by the loader. It can be used, though, for any similarpurpose.

key is one character from the set drtux, optionallyconcatenated with v. afile is the archive file. The names are constituent files in the archive file. The meanings ofthe key characters are:

d means delete the named files from the archive file. r means replace the named files in the archive file. If thearchive file does not exist, r will create it. If the named files are not in the archive file, they are appended. p prints a table of contents of the archive file. If nonames are given, all files in the archive are tabled. If names are given, only those files are tabled. u is similar to r except that only those files that havebeen modified are replaced. If no names are given, all files in the archive that have been modified will be replaced bythe modified version.

x will extract the named files. If no names are given, allfiles in the archive are extracted. In neither case does x alter the archive file. v means verbose. Under the verbose option, ar gives a file--by--file description of the making of a new archive file from the old archive and the constituent files. The followingabbreviations are used:

c copya append d deleter replace x extract
FILES /tmp/vtma, vtmb ... temporary
DIAGNOSTICS "Bad usage", "afile -- not in archive format","cannot open temp file", "name -- cannot open",

11/3/71AR (I)

"name -- phase error", "name -- cannot create", "no archivefile", "cannot create archive file", "name -- not found".

BUGS Option l (table with more information) should beimplemented.

There should be a way to specify the placement of a new filein an archive. Currently, it is placed at the end.
OWNER ken, dmr