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mail(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71MAIL (I)

NAME mail -- send mail to another user
SYNOPSIS mail [ letter person ... ]
DESCRIPTION mail without an argument searches for a file calledmailbox, prints it if present, asks if it should be saved.

If the answer is y , the mail is renamed mail, otherwiseit is deleted. The answer to the above question may be supplied in the letter argument. When followed by the names of a letter and one or morepeople, the letter is appended to each person's mailbox. Each letter is preceded by the sender's name and apostmark.

A person is either the name of an entry in the directory/usr, in which case the mail is sent to /usr/person/mailbox, or the path name of a directory, inwhich case mailbox in that directory is used.

When a user logs in he is informed of the presence of mail.
FILES /etc/uids to map the sender's numerical user ID to name;mail and mailbox in various directories.
DIAGNOSTICS "Who are you?" if the user cannot be identified for somereason (a bug). "Cannot send to user" if mailbox cannot be