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stat(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71STAT (I)

NAME stat -- get file status
SYNOPSIS stat name1
DESCRIPTION stat gives several kinds of information about one or morefiles:

i--numberaccess mode number of linksowner size in bytesdate and time of last modification name (useful when several files are named) All information is self--explanatory except the mode. Themode is a six--character string whose characters mean the following:

1 s: file is small (smaller than 4096 bytes)l: file is large

2 d: file is a directoryx: file is executable

u: set user ID on execution--: none of the above

3 r: owner can read--: owner cannot read 4 w: owner can write--: owner cannot write

5 r: non--owner can read--: non--owner cannot read 6 w: non--owner can write--: non--owner cannot write The owner is almost always given in symbolic form; howeverif he cannot be found in "/etc/uids" a number is given. If the number of arguments to stat is not exactly 1 aheader is generated identifying the fields of the status information.
FILES /etc/uids
SEE_ALSO ls with the --1 option gives the same information as stat.
DIAGNOSTICS "name?" for any error.
BUGS none