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roff(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71ROFF (I)

NAME roff -- format text
SYNOPSIS roff [ +number ] [ --number ] name1 ...
DESCRIPTION roff formats text according to control lines embedded inthe text. The optional argument "+number" causes printing

to begin at the first page with the appropriate number; --number causes printing to cease at the first page with a higher number. roff is fully described in a separate publication[reference].

FILES /etc/suftab contains a list of suffixes used to guidehyphenation. /tmp/rtma, rtmb, ... temporary /dev/ttyn to

suspend messages.
SEE_ALSO [reference], mesg

DIAGNOSTICS: none -- files not found are ignored
BUGS roff does not check for various kinds of buffer overflow.If a fault occurs, check the input in the region where the

error occurred.
OWNER jfo, dmr, ken