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rkf(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71RKF (I)

NAME rkf -- format RKO3 disk pack
DESCRIPTION rkf formats a virgin disk pack. Because it destroys allinformation on that pack, and because it is not interlocked

against file system activity on the pack, the rkf programis not maintained in executable form. Instead the source must be located and assembled.
FILES none (uses physical I/O on drive 0).
DIAGNOSTICS "error" is printed and a core image is produced if a writeerror occurs. A copy of the RK status register is in

register 5.
BUGS As mentioned, is not interlocked against system I/O; if I/Ois already occurring, it will be badly disrupted. In any

event, all information on the pack is destroyed.
OWNER ken, dmr