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mkfs(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71MKFS (I)

NAME mkfs -- make file system
SYNOPSIS /etc/mkfs t/etc/mkfs r

DESCRIPTION mkfs initializes either a DECtape (argument "t") or anRK03 disk pack (argument "r") so that it contains an empty

file system. mkfs or its equivalent must be used before atape or pack can be mounted as a file system.

In both cases the super--block, i--list, and free list areinitialized and a root directory containing entries for "." and ".." are created. For RK03's the number ofavailable blocks is 4872, for tapes 578.

This program is kept in /etc to avoid inadvertant use andconsequent destruction of information.
DIAGNOSTICS "Arg count", "Unknown argument", "Open error".
DIAGNOSTICS "Arg count", "Unknown argument", "Open error".
OWNER ken, dmr