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boot(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71BOOT (I)

NAME boot -- reboot system
SYNOPSIS /etc/boot
DESCRIPTION boot logically a command, and is kept in /etc only to lessenthe probability of its being invoked by accident or from

curiosity. It reboots the system by jumping to the read--onlymemory, which contains a disk boot program.

SEE_ALSO boot procedure
BUGS Should obviously not be executable by the general user.Also, it should reboot in a more direct manner. The

mechanism invoked by jumping to the ROM loader is sensitiveto the contents of the console switches, which makes the whole procedure even more dangerous.

Rather than jumping to the ROM, boot should simulate the ROMaction with 173700 in the switches. In this manner, It may be used when the switches are not. set, and even ininstallation without a ROM.