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lbppt(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71LBPPT (I)

NAME lbppt -- load binary paper tapes
SYNOPSIS lbppt output [ input ]
DESCRIPTION lbppt loads a paper tape in standard UNIX binary papertape format. It is used to bring files to a UNIX

installation. Currently there is a GECOS program toprepare a GECOS file in binary paper tape format.

If the input file is specified, the character stream fromthat input is expected to be in UNIX binary paper tape format. If it is not present, /dev/ppt is assumed. Theinput stream is interpreted, checksummed, and copied to the output file.
FILES /dev/ppt
SEE_ALSO dbppt, bppt format
DIAGNOSTICS "checksum"; "usage:"; "read error".