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ls(1) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71LS (I)

NAME ls -- list contents of directory
SYNOPSIS ls [ -ltasd ] name1 ...
DESCRIPTION ls lists the contents of one or more directories undercontrol of several options:

l list in long format, giving i-number, mode, owner,size in bytes, and time of last modification for

each file. (see stat for format of the mode) t sort by time modified (latest first) instead of byname, as is normal

a list all entries; usually those beginning with "."are suppressed s give size in blocks for each entry d if argument is a directory, list only itsname, not its contents (mostly used with -l to get status on directory) If no argument is given, "." is listed. If an argument isnot a directory, its name is given.

FILES /etc/uids to get user ID's for ls -l
DIAGNOSTICS "name nonexistent"; "name unreadable"; "name unstatable".
BUGS In ls -l, when a user cannot be found in /etc/uids, theuser number printed instead of a name is incorrect. It is

correct in stat.
OWNER dmr, ken