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     PROOFR(1)                                               PROOFR(1)

          proofr - automatic proofreader
          proofer - alternative command-name for proofr

          proofr [ -s ][ -flags ][ -ver ] file ...

          Proofr is an automatic proofreading system that runs modi-
          fied versions of 5 programs:

                  - checks for misspelled words.

                     - checks for rudimentary punctuation

                    - searches for consecutive occurrences of
                             the same word.

                  - locates wordy and/or misused phrases
                             and suggests alternatives.

                  - searches for split infinitives.

          Proofr is one of the programs run under the wwb(1) command.

          Options are:

               -s     produce a short summary version of proofr.

          Two options give information about the program:

               -flags print the command synopsis line (see above)
                      showing command flags and options, then exit.

               -ver   print the Writer's Workbench version number of
                      the command, then exit.

          If the user has a file called $HOME/lib/ddict, proofr will
          run dictplus so that phrases in ddict are located or
          ignored, as specified.  See diction(1), dictadd(1), dict-
          plus(1) for more information.

          If the user has a file called $HOME/lib/spelldict, proofr
          will run spellwwb so that words in spelldict are not listed
          as errors.  See spellwwb(1) and spelladd(1) for more infor-


     PROOFR(1)                                               PROOFR(1)

          /tmp/$$*             temporary files

          spellwwb(1), punct(1), double(1), splitinf(1), diction(1),
          wwb(1), worduse(1), spelltell(1), deroff(1).

          See other manual pages for bugs in individual programs.

          COMPONENT NAME:  Writer's Workbench
          APPROVAL AUTHORITY:  Div 452
          STATUS:  Standard
          SUPPLIER:  Dept 45271
          USER INTERFACE:  Stacey Keenan, Dept 45271, PY x3733 .}f
          SUPPORT LEVEL: Class B - unqualified support other than Div
          452 .}f