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     WWB(1)                                                     WWB(1)

          wwb - Writer's Workbench

          wwb [ -flags ][ -ver ] [ -mm | -ms ][ -li | +li ][ -tm | -t
          | -c | -x standards-file ][ -s ][file ...]

          The Writer's Workbench is a set of programs designed to aid
          writers and editors in editing documents.  The command wwb
          runs modified versions of 2 major programs, which in turn
          run other programs.

          The two major programs are:

                - automatic proofreading system that searches
                         for spelling and punctuation errors, consecu-
                         tive occurrences of words, wordy or misused
                         phrases, and split infinitives.

                 - describes the writing style of a document,
                         namely, readability and sentence characteris-
                         tics, and suggests improvements.

          Prose compares a document with standards for one of several
          document types, according to the following flags:

               -tm  Compare input text to good Bell Laboratories Tech-
                    nical Memoranda.  (this is the default.)

               -t   Compare input text with good training documents.

               -c   Evaluate text for craft suitability.

               -x standards-file
                    Compare input text with standards contained in
                    user-specified standards-file. See mkstand(1) to
                    set up the standards-file.

          Other options are:

               -s   Produce short versions of proofr and prose.

          Two options give information about the program:

               -flags print the command synopsis line (see above)
                      showing command flags and options, then exit.

               -ver   print the Writer's Workbench version number of
                      the command, then exit.

     WWB(1)                                                     WWB(1)

          Wwb runs deroff(1) before looking at the text.  Four options
          affect deroff:

               -mm  eliminate mm(1) macros, and associated text that
                    is not part of sentences (e.g. headings), from the
                    analysis.  This is the default.

               -ms  eliminate ms(1) macros, and associated text that
                    is not part of sentences from the analysis.  The
                    -ms flag overrides the default, -mm.

               -li  eliminate list items, as defined by mm macros,
                    from the analysis. This is the default.

               +li  Include list items in the analysis.  This flag
                    should be used if the text contains lists of sen-
                    tences, but not if the text contains many lists of

          /tmp/$$*             temporary files

          prose(1), proofr(1), style(1), spellwwb(1), punct(1), dou-
          ble(1), diction(1), splitinf(1), deroff(1), mkstand(1), wwb-
          stand(1), spelltell(1), worduse(1), wwbinfo(1), wwbhelp(1),

          Split infinitives in lists will not be found unless the +li
          option is used.  See other manual pages for bugs in individ-
          ual commands.

          COMPONENT NAME:  Writer's Workbench
          APPROVAL AUTHORITY:  Div 452
          STATUS:  Standard
          SUPPLIER:  Dept 45271
          USER INTERFACE:  Stacey Keenan, Dept 45271, PY x3733 .}f
          SUPPORT LEVEL: Class B - unqualified support other than Div
          452 .}f