DKCONFIG(8)                                           DKCONFIG(8)

          dkconfig - configure Datakit interface

          dkconfig [ -d dev ] [ -n netname ] [ -c csc nlines ] [ -b
          baud ] [ -w window ] [ -ai ]

          Dkconfig configures the device dev (default #h) as a Datakit
          link and gives it kernel id netname (default dk).  Any sub-
          sequent reference to the device #kname and its subdirecto-
          ries refers to conversations multiplexed on this link.

          As a convenience, dkconfig performs a

               bind("#kname", "/net", MBEFORE)

          to make the dk device available to dial(2).

          Option -c allows the common signaling channel, csc, and the
          number of Datakit lines, nlines, to be specified.

          Option -w sets the window size to window, a decimal number
          of bytes.  This is most important on the PC's Incon inter-
          face, which overflows if the window size is greater than

          Option -i causes an Incon device (default #i) to be config-
          ured as the Datakit connection.

          Option -a causes the a serial line (default /dev/eia0) to be
          configured as the Datakit connection.  The async line proto-
          col is pushed onto the serial line's stream to provide a
          multiplexed connection.

          #h           default device
          #i           incon device
          #k*/dk/*     Datakit devices
          /net/dk      by convention, Datakit device bind point


          listen(8), datakit(3), dk(3), dial(2) netstat(1)