LISTEN(8)                                               LISTEN(8)

          listen, dkcpu, dkcpunote, dkdiscard, dkecho, dkexportfs,
          dkrexexec, dkticket, dkwhoami, dksmtp, dkdcon, dklogin,
          dkguard, il7, il9, il565, il566, il17005, il17006, il17007,
          il17009, tcp2, tcp7, tcp9, tcp21, tcp23, tcp80, tcp25,
          tcp513, tcp515, tcp564, tcp565, tcp566, tcp17007, tcp6000 -
          listen for calls on a network device

          aux/listen [-q] [-d srvdir] [-t trustsrvdir] [net [name]]

          listen announces itself to a network as name (by default the
          contents of /env/sysname) and listens for inbound calls to
          local services.  Net is the network device on which to lis-
          ten, by default /net/dk.  The services available are exe-
          cutable files in srvdir or trustsrvdir. If neither srvdir
          nor trustsrvdir is given, listen looks for executable files
          in /bin/service.  Services found in srvdir are executed as
          user none; services found in trustsrvdir as executed as the
          user who started listen. Option -q suppresses affirmative
          log information.

          Service names are made by concatenating the name of the net-
          work with the name of the service or port.  For example, an
          inbound call on the TCP network for port 565 executes ser-
          vice tcp565, while a call on the Datakit network for service
          whoami executes service dkwhoami.

          The following services are available in /bin/service.

          dkcpu il17005          server for cpu(1) command.
          dkcpunote il17006      /proc/pid/notify forwarding for
          dkexportfs il17007 tcp17007
                                 serve a piece of the name space using
                                 the Plan 9 file system protocol, with
                                 authentication (typically used by
          tcp564                 like 17007, without authentication
                                 (used by Unix systems to see Plan 9
          dkrexexec il17009      remote execution.
          dkwhoami il565 tcp565  report the address of the incoming
          tcp21                  FTP daemon
          tcp80                  HTTP daemon; see httpd(8).
          tcp515                 LP daemon; see lp(8).
          tcp6000                X-window callback
          dksmtp tcp25           mail delivery.

     LISTEN(8)                                               LISTEN(8)

          dkdcon                 research Unix terminal connection.
          dklogin                generic terminal connection.
          tcp23                  telnet terminal connection.
          tcp513                 rlogin terminal connection.
          tcp2                   hold the connection open; sleep for a
                                 long time
          dkecho il7 tcp7        echo any bytes received (bit mirror)
          dkdiscard il9 tcp9     consume any bytes received (bit

          The following services are available in /bin/service.auth.
          dkguard tcp566         check a SecureNet box.
          dkticket il566         authentication requests.

          /net/dk       by convention, Datakit device bind point
          /net/il       by convention, IL device bind point
          /net/tcp      by convention, TCP device bind point
          /env/sysname  default announced name

          The source to listen is in /sys/src/cmd/aux/listen.c.  The
          other commands are rc(1) scripts in /rc/bin/service.

          dkconfig(8), auth(6), dk(3), dial(2)