UPAS(8)                                                   UPAS(8)

          upas - address driven mailer

          mail person ...
          rmail -N network person ...
          cmail -N network person ...

          Upas is a mail delivery system that disposes of messages in
          a way determined by the destination address and a set of
          rewriting rules.  It can be used to recognize many address
          formats and route remote mail to different network mail

          mail is used by a user to send or read mail.  See mail(1).

               is used to inject mail coming from other machines into
               the mail system.  No message conversion is performed.

               is used to inject mail formatted according to ARPA RFC
               822 into the mail system.  The mail is converted into a
               form understandable to upas.

          Upas's rewriting rules (mail(7)) contain ed(1) style substi-
          tutions that allow addresses to be transformed into the com-
          mands used to inject mail to the networks.

          The -N option causes the `network' indicates the name of the
          network from which the message is coming.  This network name
          is prepended to the return address.

          Each message submitted using rmail or cmail is checked
          against a forwarding list.  Unless the name of all machines
          in the source path or all machines in the destination path
          are in the forwarding list, the message is refused.

          /usr/lib/upas/rewrite     the rewriting rules
          /usr/lib/upas/forwardlist the forwarding list
          /usr/lib/upas/forwardlist.lolocal forwarding list
          /bin/mail                 the mailer program
          /bin/rmail                linked to /bin/mail
          /bin/cmail                linked to /bin/mail
          /usr/spool/mail/*         mailboxes
          /etc/passwd               authentication
          /tmp/ma*                  temp file
          /tmp/ml*                  lock file

     UPAS(8)                                                   UPAS(8)

          $HOME/dead.letter         unmailable text

          xsend(1), write(1), uucp(1), mail(1), mail(7)