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     TELNO(7)                                                 TELNO(7)

          telno - retrieve from Bell Labs phone book

          telno [ datum ... datum ]

          If there are no arguments on the command line, telno reads
          its arguments, one to a line, from the standard input.
          Arguments are names, phone numbers, or organization numbers,
          possibly preceded by a keyword and an equal sign.  The first
          character of a name must be a letter, of a phone number or
          organization number a digit.  Otherwise regular expressions
          a la grep(1) are accepted.  Names are prefixes of last
          names, or the last name followed by a comma and one initial.

          Giving a name, a phone number, or an organization number
          (org=127) produces white pages information.


          too long means that the given name has more letters than any
          name in the phone book.  (All the names are truncated to 8
          characters before the data arrives on the machine.)  None is
          printed when there are no matches.

          The phone book is badly out of date.