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     CARDS(6)                                                 CARDS(6)

          canfield, cribbage, fish - card games

          /usr/games/cribbage [ -req ] name ...


          Cribbage plays the card game.  The program may print the
          rules according to Hoyle using more; see p(1).

          The options are:

          -e   When the player makes a mistakes scoring his hand or
               crib, provide an explanation of the correct score.

          -q   Print a shorter form of all messages.

          -r   Instead of asking the player to cut the deck, the pro-
               gram will randomly cut the deck.

          When asked to cut the deck, answer with a number indicating
          how many cards down the deck is to be cut.  A carriage
          return when numeric input is expected means the lowest legal
          value; when cutting the deck this is equivalent to choosing
          the top card.

          Cards are specified as rank followed by suit, either spelled
          out, or abbreviated as in `ac', `8d', `th', `js'.

          The object of the children's card game fish is to accumulate
          `books' of 4 cards of equal rank.  At each turn one player
          selects a card from his hand, and asks the other player for
          all cards of that rank.  If the other player has some, he
          hands them all over and the first player makes another
          request.  The turn ends when the second player has no card
          of the rank requested; he replies `GO FISH!'  The first
          player then draws a card from the `pool' of undealt cards.
          If this is the card he had last requested, he draws again.

          The ranks are called `a', `2', ..., `10', `j', `q', `k'.
          Hitting return requests information about the state of the
          game.  Typing `p' as a first guess gets `pro' level play.

          Canfield is a solitaire game.  It requires a cursor-
          addressed terminal.