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     WWB(1)                                                     WWB(1)

          wwb, style, diction, punct - writers workbench

          wwb style [ option ] ...  file ...

          wwb diction [ option ] ...  file ...

          wwb suggest

          wwb punct file ...

          wwb wwb [ -ms ] [ -mm ] file ...

          Wwb controls many subprograms documented in the references.
          For the full treatment use `wwb wwb', but for quick use the
          following subprograms are recommended.

          Style reports on readability, sentence length and structure,
          word length and usage, verb type, and sentence openers in
          the named documents.

          Diction prints all sentences that contain phrases from a
          list of bad or verbose word patterns.  Option -p pfile sup-
          plies an additional private pattern file; option -n skips
          the standard one.

          Suggest reads, from the standard input, phrases deprecated
          by diction and proposes alternatives.

          Punct reports sentences that appear to violate standard
          punctuation rules and sentences that contain doubled words.

          Style and diction expect documents prepared for
          nroff/troff(1) and the preprocessors pic, ideal, grap, eqn,
          refer, and tbl(1). Option -mm overrides the default macro
          package, -ms.  The related option -ml skips mm-style lists,
          and should be used if there are many lists of non-sentences.

          Other options for style are:

          -a   print all sentences with their length and readability

          -e   print all sentences that begin with an expletive.

          -p   print all sentences that contain a passive verb.


     WWB(1)                                                     WWB(1)

               print all sentences longer than num.

               print all sentences whose readability index is greater
               than num.

          -P   print parts of speech of the words in the document.

          deroff(1), spell(1)
          Writer's Workbench User's Manual, /usr/man/manw/*

          Use of non-standard formatting macros may cause incorrect
          sentence breaks.
          Imperatives cannot be recognized.