VISI(1)                                                   VISI(1)

          visi - mathematical spreadsheet

          visi [ file ]

          Visi is a tabular mathematical worksheet for data analysis.
          If a file is specified, commands are read from that file
          when visi first starts.

          Visi works only on cursor-controlled terminals such as the
          HP2621, and requires the environment variable TERM (see
          environ(7)) to be set appropriately.

          Visi prompts for input at the top of the screen with `>>'.
          Input has one of the forms,

               command parameters

               variable = expression

               variable = "string"

          where a variable is a letter and number sequence, for exam-
          ple: `A2, B10, BB23.'  These variables represent locations
          on the worksheet; A2 is column A, row 2.  If you type, in
          any order,

               A1 = A2 + 5
               A2 = 10

          the values 15 and 10 will appear on the screen.  If you
          later type

               A2 = 20

          the values will be updated to 25 and 20.  Visi treats upper
          and lower case letters as identical.

          Expressions are parsed, and standard mathematical precedence
          is retained.  The operators +, -, *, /, ** (or ^) can be
          used in expressions.

          copy  [ file ]
                    Copy the screen image to the file. If a file is
                    not specified, visi will prompt for one.

          debug     Toggle a flag to give yacc(1) debugging output,

     VISI(1)                                                   VISI(1)

                    very unreadable.

          duplicate  p1 thru p2 at p3
                    Duplicate a block of definitions in another por-
                    tion of the screen.  P1 and p2 are the upper left
                    corner and the lower right corner of the block to
                    be duplicated.  P3 is the upper left corner of the

          edit      Edit the commands list.  If the environment vari-
                    able `ED' is set, it is used as the name of the
                    editor.  Otherwise, ed(1). is called.

          help      Display a brief synopsis of the commands.

          list      List the current definitions on the terminal.

          quit      Quit the program.

          read  [ file ]
                    Read input lines from the file. If a file is not
                    specified, visi will prompt for one.

          redraw    Redraw the screen in the event the terminal output
                    was corrupted.

          replicate  p1 at p2 thru p3
                    Replicate the single definition at p1 throughout
                    the block from p2 in the upper left corner thru p3
                    in the lower right.

          scale  [ column ] nnn
                    Change the scale of the specified column, or of
                    the entire tableau if a column is not specified.
                    The scale nnn is the number of decimal places that
                    are displayed to the right of the decimal point.
                    Calculations are done in double precision regard-
                    less of scale.

          shift  direction [ nnn ]
                    Shift the current screen in any direction.  The
                    screen is only a window on the tableau.  To see
                    other portions of the tableau, the screen must be
                    shifted.  Valid directions are: up, down, left,
                    right.  Nnn is the number of positions to shift
                    the screen (default 1).

          shell     Invoke /bin/sh as an inferior process to visi.

          ver       Print the current version number of visi.

          width  column nnn

     VISI(1)                                                   VISI(1)

                    Change the width of a column on the display, or of
                    the entire tableau if no column is specified.

          write  [ file ]
                    Write commands to a file.  If a file is not speci-
                    fied, visi will prompt for one.

        Built-in Functions
          abs(e)        Absolute value of e.
          acos(e)       Arc cosine of e.
          asin(e)       Arc sine of e.
          atan(e)       Arc tangent of e.
          atan2(e1,e2)  Arc tangent of e1/e2.
          cos(e)        Cosine of e.
          exp(e)        Exponential function of e.
          gamma(e)      Log of the gamma function of e.
          hypot(e1,e2)  Square root of the sum of the squares of e1
                        and e2.
          int(e)        The integer part of e (truncated toward zero.)
          log(e)        Natural log of e.
          pi            The constant 3.14159265358979....
          pow(e1,e2)    Same as e1^e2.
          sin(e)        Sine of e.
          sqrt(e)       Square root of e.

        Other Special Definitions
                    The quantity at row e1, column e2 of the tableau.
                    Numbering for the columns is A = 1, B = 2, ..., AA
                    = 27, and so on.

          ROW       The row number of this entry.

          COL       The column number of this entry.

          ed(1), exp(3), sin(3)


          A circular list of variable declarations can cause visi to
          hang in a loop.
          Scale does truncation, not rounding.