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     UUSTAT(1)                                               UUSTAT(1)

          uustat - uucp status inquiry and job control

          uustat [ option ]

          uustat [ -ssystem ] [ -uuser ]

          Uustat will display the status of, or cancel, previously
          specified uucp commands, or provide general status on uucp
          connections to other systems.  The following options are

          -a        output all jobs in queue.
          -kjobid   Kill the uucp request whose job identification is
                    jobid. The killed uucp request must belong to the
                    person issuing the uustat command unless one is
                    the super-user.
          -m        Report the status of accessibility of all
          -p        Report on the status of all processes that are in
                    the lock files.
          -q        List the jobs queued for each machine.  If a sta-
                    tus file exists for the machine, its date, time
                    and status information are reported.  A parenthe-
                    sized number next to the number of C or X files
                    gives the age in days of the oldest file for that
                    system.  The Retry field represents the number of
                    hours until the next possible call.  The Count is
                    the number of failure attempts.  NOTE: for systems
                    with a moderate number of outstanding jobs, this
                    could take 30 seconds or more of real-time to exe-
          -rjobid   Rejuvenate jobid. The files associated with jobid
                    are touched so that their modification time is set
                    to the current time.  This prevents the cleanup
                    demon from deleting the job until the jobs modifi-
                    cation time reaches the limit imposed by the
          -ssys     Report the status of all uucp requests for remote
                    system sys.
          -uuser    Report the status of all uucp requests issued by

          When no options are given, uustat outputs the status of all
          uucp requests issued by the current user.


     UUSTAT(1)                                               UUSTAT(1)

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