IPCONFIG(8)                                           IPCONFIG(8)

          ipconfig, arpd, rip - Internet configuration and routing

          ip/ipconfig [-abp] [-e etherdev] [-m ip-mask] [ipaddr]

          ip/arpd [-pd] [-e etherdev] [-b bcast-addr]

          ip/rip [-b]

          Ipconfig configures an Internet connection on an Ethernet.
          The options are

          a    do not start arpd

          b    do not use BOOTP to discover a gateway address

          p    start arpd in promiscuous mode (see below)

          e    use the Ethernet mounted at /net/etherdev

          m    set the network mask to ip-mask

          If ipaddr is specified on the command line, use that instead
          of one found in the local database or via the BOOTP proto-

          Arpd performs the Internet Address Resolution Protocol,
          translating Internet addresses into Ethernet addresses.  It
          is normally started by ipconfig. The options are

          d    print debugging to standard output

          p    (promiscuous) answer ARP requests for any recognized
               machine.  The default is to answer just for the machine
               running arpd.

          e    use the Ethernet mounted at /net/etherdev

          b    use the IP broadcast address bcast-addr instead of the
               correct one.

          Rip runs the routing protocol RIP.  It listens for RIP pack-
          ets on connected networks and updates the kernel routing
          tables.  The only option, -b, broadcasts routing information
          onto the networks.


     IPCONFIG(8)                                           IPCONFIG(8)