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     CYC(3)                                                     CYC(3)

          cyc - Cyclone fiber interface

          bind #C /dev


          The cyc device drives the Cyclone CVME961 (not 960) card
          with an attached SQFBR Squall module to provide a high-speed
          point-to-point 9P link between a CPU server and a file
          server.  Both machines must of course have VME buses.  For
          debugging, the Cyclone may be loaded with on-board software
          using xms (see con(1)) and the NINDY ROM supplied with the
          device.  In production, though, it is easiest to replace the
          ROM with the program in the directory /sys/src/fs/cyc.  In
          either case, the on-board software expects an identical
          Cyclone to be at the other end of the fiber.  One of the
          boards must be in a CPU server, the other in a file server;
          the systems configure their respective boards dynamically as

          The driver serves a single file, /dev/cyc.  When opened, the
          file initializes the connection to the file server.  The
          resulting file descriptor should be used only to send and
          receive 9P messages.  Typically boot(8) will open /dev/cyc,
          prime the connection by sending nop and session messages
          (see attach(5)), and then mount (see bind(2)) the file
          descriptor in the CPU server's name space.  Thenceforth all
          activity on /dev/cyc will be mediated by the mount driver

          /sys/src/fs/cyc  Directory of on-board software for the

          CVME960, CVM961 Single Board Computer User's Manual and
          SQFBR User's Manual, Cyclone Microsystems, Inc., New Haven,
          CT, 1-203-7865536


          The driver is specific to the SGI Power Series, although the
          device should operate on any VME bus.