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     PUSH(1)                                                   PUSH(1)

          push, pull, Rpush, Rpull - Datakit remote file copy

          push [ -v ] machine file ... remotedir

          pull [ -v ] machine file ... localdir

          Push and pull copy files between machines over Datakit.
          Push copies files from the local machine to the directory
          remotedir on the named machine. Pull copies files from the
          named machine to the directory localdir on the local
          machine.  The last component of the name of a copy is the
          same as that of the original.  If one of the files is a
          directory, a corresponding directory is created and the
          directory's files are copied, recursively.

          Option -v announces each file as it is copied.

          Pushing and pulling involve two programs running in differ-
          ent contexts on different machines.  In particular, pulling
          to directory `.'  puts files in the local current directory,
          but pushing to `.'  puts files in the remote home directory.
          Shell metacharacters which are to be interpreted on the
          remote machine must be quoted.

          Rpush and Rpull are the programs started by remote pushes
          and pulls.

          con(1), cp(1)

          Messages marked `(remote)' are from the sister process run-
          ning on the remote machine.