PS2PDF(1)                                               PS2PDF(1)

          ps2pdf, pdf2ps - convert between PostScript and PDF

          ps2pdf [ gs-options ] [ input-file [ output-file ] ]

          pdf2ps [ -e ] [ gs-options ] [ input-file [ output-file ] ]

          Ps2pdf and pdf2ps convert from PostScript to PDF and back by
          invoking gs(1). If output-file is not specified, they write
          to standard output.  If neither input-file nor output-file
          is not specified, they read from standard input and write to
          standard output.

          Under -e, pdf2ps emits Encapsulated Postscript (eps).

          The gs-options are passed to Ghostscript unaltered.  The
          most useful option to ps2pdf is -dCompatibilityLevel=level,
          which sets the version of PDF to be written.  The default is
          1.2; 1.3 and 1.4 are also possible.  Similarly, the most
          useful option to pdf2ps is -dLanguageLevel=level, which sets
          the version of PostScript to be written.  The default is 2;
          1 and 3 are also possible.

          Ps2pdf produces output competitive with Adobe Distiller in
          most cases, and it accepts all the embedded PDF-generation
          hints that Adobe Distiller does.

          Pdf2ps produces a PostScript file containing one large bit-
          map per page.  For a more direct and smaller translation,
          use Adobe Acrobat's -toPostScript command-line option.



          Gs's pdfwrite sometimes emits bad PDF at the default level
          1.2.  Adding '-dCompatibilityLevel=1.4' should cure it.