DAV(4)                                                     DAV(4)

          dav - web dav file server

          o/dav [ -dr ] [ -a addr ]

          Dav is a WebDAV file server that exports an Inferno name
          space through the WebDAV protocol, as described in RFCs 2518
          and 2616.

          Its primary usage is to let the host operating system (for
          systems other than Plan 9) use the name space of the

          By default, it spawns a backgroup process that listens for
          clients at port 9999 on the loopback network interface.
          Option -a may be used to make it listen at addr instead.

          Flag -r makes the server read-only, for safety.

          Flag -d activates debug diagnostics. Repeating the flag one
          or more increases the verbosity.


          rfc2518, rfc2616, and rfc3744. for the protocol.

          The program is new and has been tested only with MacOS X
          Leopard.  ACL processing is incomplete at most.  Use with
          caution.  Also, there should be a way to export only part of
          a namespace.  A bug in bufio(2) requires using the fixed
          version found at lsub for this module.