QUERY(1)                                                 QUERY(1)

          query - octopus resource query tool

          query [ -u mnt ] [ -m mnt ] name val ...

          Query asks the registry for octopus resources matching
          attributes specified with name and val arguments (attribute
          name and value). By default, query prints a list of paths
          for matching resources in the registry. The paths should be
          ready to be used within a octopus name space, see

          The special value $user for the attribute loc refers to the
          user location as reported by /mnt/who/$user/where.  In the
          same way, $term refers to the terminal location for the loc
          attribute and to the terminal architecture for the arch

          Flag -m asks query to bind(1) any of the matching resources
          at mnt . Flag -u works in the same way, but creates a union
          with all the resources found, instead of binding just one.

          Note that using -m or -u flags would make the current name
          space dependent on a particular octopus resource. This means
          that when the terminal that provides it goes away, the mount
          point will break and fail for further operations. That is,
          this is a static, regular, Inferno mount, and does not adapt
          to changes. Use mux(4) to adapt.


          pcns(1), mux(4), and pcrc(1).