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     EXPORT(4)                                               EXPORT(4)

          export - export name space on a connection

          export [ -a ] dir [ file ]

          Export calls Sys->export (see sys-dial(2)) to serve a name
          space rooted at dir over a connection to a Styx client.
          Export opens the connection on the given file, or uses the
          standard input by default.  It returns when the client
          closes the connection.  If the -a option is given, however,
          export starts an Inferno kernel process to serve the name
          space and returns immediately.  Export serves the current
          name space without forking it; changes made to it will be
          visible to clients.

          Export starts serving Styx immediately; it assumes that the
          connection has been authenticated if required.  Export is
          typically called via listen(1), which can authenticate the

          Start a background process to serve the name space on the
          serial port.

               export / /dev/eia0 &

          Although useful when bootstrapping a system, this is unsafe
          unless a transport protocol is run on the connection.


          cpu(1), listen(1), sys-dial(2), intro(5)