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sys-write(2) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71SYS_WRITE (II)

NAME write ---- write, on file
SYNOPSIS (file descriptor in r0)sys write; buffer; nchars / write = 4.

(number written in r0)
DESCRIPTION A file descriptor is a word returned from a successful open or creatcall.

buffer is the address of nchars contiguous bytes which are written onthe output file. The number of characters actually written is returned in r0. It should be regarded as an error if this is not thesame as requested.

For disk and tape files, writes which are multiples of 512 characterslong and begin on a 512--byte boundary are more efficient than any others.
SEE_ALSO sys creat, sys open
DIAGNOSTICS The error bit (c--bit) is set on an error: bad descriptor, bufferaddress, or count. physical I/o errors;

OWNER ken, dmr

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