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sys-mount(2) - Unix First Edition Manual Page
11/3/71SYS_MOUNT (II)

NAME mount -- mount file system
SYNOPSIS sys mount; special; name / mount = 21.; not in assembler
DESCRIPTION mount announces to the system that a removable file system has beenmounted on special file special; from now on, references to file name

will refer to the root file on the newly mounted file system. Specialand name are pointers to null--terminated strings containing the appropriate path names. Name must exist already. If it had useful contents, they areinaccessible while the file system is mounted.

Almost always, name should be a directory so that an entire filesystem, not just one file, may exist on the removable device.
SEE_ALSO umount
DIAGNOSTICS Error bit (c--bit) set if special is inaccessible or dir does notexist.

BUGS At most one removable device can be mounted at a time. The use ofthis call should be restricted to the super--user.
OWNER ken, dmr