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     DICTADD(1)                                             DICTADD(1)

          dictadd - add phrases to user's diction or sexist dictionary

          dictadd [ -flags ][ -ver ]

          Dictadd adds words and/or phrases to the user's dictionaries
          for use by the wwb(1), proofr(1), dictplus(1),  diction (1),
          and sexist(1) programs.  Sexist searches a text for sexist
          phrases, while the other programs search a text for wordy or
          misused diction.  These programs allow the user to have dic-
          tionary files containing additional words and/or phrases for
          the programs to locate or ignore.  Dictadd automatically
          sets up these dictionary files.

          Dictadd asks users whether they want to add words to
          $HOME/lib/ddict, $HOME/lib/sexdict, or some other file.  The
          results depend on the user's response, as shown below.

               User's request    Dictadd's action

            $HOME/lib/ddict      adds words and/or phrases to the
                                 user's dictionary, $HOME/lib/ddict.
                                 This file is checked automatically by
                                 wwb and proofr and can be specified
                                 for use by dictplus and diction. (See

            $HOME/lib/sexdict    adds words and/or phrases to the
                                 user's dictionary, $HOME/lib/sexdict.
                                 This file is checked automatically by

            filename             adds words to filename, to be used
                                 with diction, dictplus, or sexist.

          In all cases, dictadd questions whether the user wants
          instructions, and prompts with ">" for more words or
          phrases.  If the dictionary is not in existence when dictadd
          is invoked, it is created.  If the dictionary already
          exists, dictadd adds to it.  To quit, type "q" after the

          Two options give information about the program:

               -flags print the command synopsis line (see above)
                      showing command flags and options, then exit.

               -ver   print the Writer's Workbench version number of

     DICTADD(1)                                             DICTADD(1)

                      the command, then exit.

          1. The sequence:

               dictadd (carriage return)
               (program asks if the user wants the words to be added
               to $HOME/lib/ddict)
               y (user responds yes)
               (program asks if the user wants instructions)
               [~]phrase 1 (carriage return)
               [~]phrase 2 (carriage return)
               [~]phrase n (carriage return)

          will add phrases to $HOME/lib/ddict. Phrases to be ignored
          must be preceded by a tilde(~), phrases to be located
          require no special symbol.  When finished, type "q" on a
          line by itself.

          diction(1), dictplus(1), proofr(1), sexist(1), suggest(1),

          COMPONENT NAME:  Writer's Workbench
          APPROVAL AUTHORITY:  Div 452
          STATUS:  Standard
          SUPPLIER:  Dept 45271
          USER INTERFACE:  Stacey Keenan, Dept 45271, PY x3733 .}f
          SUPPORT LEVEL: Class B - unqualified support other than Div
          452 .}f