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     CORE(5)                                                   CORE(5)

          core - format of memory image file

          UNIX writes out a memory image of a terminated process when
          any of various errors occur.  See signal(2) for the list of
          reasons; the most common are memory violations, illegal
          instructions, bus errors, and user-generated quit signals.
          The memory image is called `core' and is written in the
          process's working directory (provided it can be; normal
          access controls apply).

          The core file consists of the u. area, which currently con-
          sists of 6 pages, beginning with a user structure as given
          in /usr/include/sys/user.h.  The kernel stack grows from the
          end of this 6 page region.  The remainder of the core file
          consists first of the data pages and then the stack pages of
          the process image.

          In general the debugger adb(1) is sufficient to deal with
          core images.

          adb(1), pi(9.1), coreid(1)