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     SEQ(1)                                                     SEQ(1)

          seq  -  print sequences of numbers

          seq [-w] [-ppicture] [ first [ incr ] ] last

          Seq prints the sequence of numbers, one per line, from first
          (default 1) to last, inclusive, in increments of incr
          (default 1).  The numbers are interpreted as floating point.

          The default output format is to round each number to the
          nearest integer.  This may be overridden by specifying a
          picture that is an example of the desired format.  For exam-
          ple, the option -p10.00 results in numbers printed to two
          decimal places.  Leading zeroes in the picture are preserved
          in the output.

          The option -w causes the output lines to have constant
          width, by padding short numbers with leading zeroes, after
          the minus sign for negative numbers.

          Pictures involving exponents don't work.