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     END(3)                                                     END(3)

          end, etext, edata - last locations in program

          extern end;
          extern etext;
          extern edata;

          These names refer neither to routines nor to locations with
          interesting contents.  The address of etext is the first
          address above the program text, edata above the initialized
          data region, and end above the uninitialized data region.

          When execution begins, the program break coincides with end,
          but many functions reset the program break, among them the
          routines of brk(2), malloc(3), standard input/output
          (stdio(3)), the profile (-p) option of cc(1), etc.  The cur-
          rent value of the program break is reliably returned by
          `sbrk(0)', see brk(2).

          brk(2), malloc(3)