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     WORM(5)                                                   WORM(5)

          worm - format of worm disks

          #include <worm.h>

          A WORM disk is a linked list of `superblocks', roughly one
          for every worm write on the WORM.  The `governing'
          superblock is at block zero if it exists and has a valid
          magic number; otherwise the governing superblock is the last
          superblock in the linked list starting at block 1.  (The
          link to the next superblock is preallocated and thus the
          last superblock in the list will be unwritten.)  Each
          superblock has some status information and a pointer to a
          set of `inodes' describing a set of files.  The status
          information for the WORM is that of the governing
          superblock; the set of files on the WORM is the accumulation
          of all the superblocks taken in order.  The structure of a
          superblock as given in the include file is:

          #define SMAGIC   0x21746967
          #define VLINK    1           /* linked list superblock */
          #define VBTREE   2           /* cbt superblock */
          typedef struct superblock
                  long magic;          /* magic number for superblock */
                  unsigned short blocksize; /* physical size of blocks */
                  short version;       /* type of superblock */
                  long nblocks;        /* number of blocks on device */
                  long zero;           /* first logical data block */
                  long nfree;          /* number of free blocks */
                  long ninodes;        /* number of inodes */
                  long ninochars;      /* number of bytes of inode names */
                  long binodes;        /* start of inodes */
                  long nextffree;      /* next free file block */
                  long nextsb;         /* next superblock */
                  short fd;            /* fildes for device (in core) */
                  char vol_id[128];    /* name the disk can be mounted as */
                  char comment[128];   /* comments */
                  long myblock;        /* where this superblock is */
                  long nF;             /* bytes for .F (VBTREE) */
                  long nT;             /* bytes for .T (VBTREE) */
                  long ctime;          /* create time for this superblock */
          } superblock;

          superblocks are padded with zeros to blocksize.

          Following each VLINK superblock is a set of inodes, a string
          table, and then the data blocks for the files described by

     WORM(5)                                                   WORM(5)

          the inodes.  Following a (there is at most one) VBTREE
          superblock there is a set of inodes, a string table and the
          .F and .T files for a cbt(1) database where the keys are
          filenames and the data is an inode number.

          #define DMAGIC   0x3A746967
          typedef struct Inode
                  long magic;          /* magic number for Dirent */
                  long block;          /* starting block of file */
                  long nbytes;         /* bytes in file */
                  long ctime;          /* creation time */
                  union {
                           char *n;    /* core - name */
                           long o;     /* disk - offset into chars block */
                  } name;              /* filename */
                  long pad1            /* to 32 bytes */
                  short mode           /* as in stat(2) */
                  short uid            /* owner */
                  short gid            /* owner */
                  short pad2           /* to 32 bytes */
          } Inode

          If the block field of an inode is negative, the file has
          been deleted.