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     TTYS(5)                                                   TTYS(5)

          ttys - terminal initialization data

          The file directs init(8) in associating login processes with
          terminal ports.  It contains one line per port.

          If the first character of a line is `0' the line will be
          ignored; if it is `1' the line will be effective.  The sec-
          ond character is used as an argument to getty(8), which per-
          forms such tasks as baud-rate recognition, reading the login
          name, and calling login(8). For normal lines, the character
          is `0'.  Other characters can be used, for example, with
          hard-wired terminals where speed recognition is unnecessary
          or which have special characteristics; see getty(8) for a
          list.  The remainder of the line is the terminal's entry in
          the device directory,

          init(8), getty(8), login(8)