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     opr - off line print

     opr [ -destination ] [ -crm ] [ name ... ]

     Opr causes the named files to be printed off line at the
     specified destination.  If no names appear the standard
     input is assumed.

     At the mother system the following destinations are recog-
     nized.  The default destination is mh.

     lp  Local line printer.

     mh  GCOS at Murray Hill Comp Center.  GCOS identification
         must be registered in the UNIX password file (see passwd

     sp  Spider network printer.

     xx  The two-character code xx is taken to be a Murray Hill
         GCOS station id.  Useful codes are `r1' for quality
         print and `q1' for quality print with special ribbon.

     Opr uses spooling daemons that do the job when facilities
     become available.  Flag -r causes the named files to be
     removed when spooled.  Flag -c causes copies to be made so
     as to insulate the daemons from any intervening changes to
     the files.

     Flag -m causes mail to be sent when UNIX is finished trans-
     mitting the file.  For GCOS jobs the mail includes the

     /etc/passwd   personal ident cards
     /lib/dpr      dataphone spooler
     /etc/dpd      dataphone daemon
     /usr/dpd/*    spool area
     /lib/lpr      line printer spooler
     /etc/lpd      line printer daemon
     /usr/lpd/*    spool area
     /lib/npr      spider network spooler

     fsend (I), dpd (VIII), lpd (VIII)

     Line printer spooler doesn't handle flags.
     Spider network spooler doesn't spool.