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     FS(4)                                                       FS(4)

          fs - Native file system boxes.


          The native file system interfaces foreign file systems to
          Plan B. It exports files/directories as boxes and uses
          files/directories to implement newly created boxes.

          It advertises different boxes with appropriate constraints
          to the network and permits the creation of persitent boxes
          by storing them on files. The implementation is suitable for
          usage on any conventional file system.

          Permissions and other metadata are mapped to those of the
          native file system employed.

          /b/fs/*/bin as /bin.

          /b/fs/*/lib as /lib.

          /b/fs/usr as /usr.

          /b/fs as /.


          The implementation can create boxes that do not have inner
          boxes. It should be able to replace a file with a directory
          insteadas soon as inner boxes are required.

          It does not handle link(2) requests nor does it keep the
          type and constraint for boxes created.