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     INTRO(3)                                                 INTRO(3)

          intro - Introduction to Library Functions.

          #include <ulib.h>
          char* pname;

          This section introduces the set of Plan B library functions
          for an application programmer. Most of the times only a sin-
          gle header file has to be included, as shown in the synop-
          sys. No other include is necessary unless stated so in the
          synopsys of the manual page for the function considered.
          Standard C library functions are considered part of the sys-
          tem library and do not require extra includes.

          When running on a hosted environment, the native system
          libraries are also available.

          pname is a global string containing the program name.

          All system calls and some library functions may raise excep-
          tions; the error string describes the cause.  See error(3)
          for a description.


     See also
          intro(2) for an introduction to system calls.

          Plan B: Boxes for network resources.  Francisco J Balles-

          The Box: A replacement for files.  Francisco J Ballesteros
          and Sergio Arevalo. HotOS-VII.

          None of the C library functions is document, and some Plan B
          library functions lack their manual pages too.

          Many library functions are missingnative ones are being
          used instead. This is expected to change soon as applica-
          tions are ported to Plan B.