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     LINK(2)                                                   LINK(2)

          link - Links one box to another.

          #include <ulib.h>

          void link(char* s, char* sc, char* d, char* dc)

          Link arranges for the box d and constraint dc to be linked
          to the box s with constraint sc. S is considered the data
          source and d is considered the link.

          The meaning of link depends on the target box. For example,
          several system boxes accept links as a mean to make them
          point to the data source. However, the expected meaning when
          used on boxes implemented by the storage server is to repli-
          cate data.

          Both sc and dc must match as said in intro(1).

               link("/b/sys/null", nil, "/b/proc/me/io1", nil);

          Arranges for the output of the current process to be


     See also
          intro(2), and ln(1).

          The mechanism could be abused. If time tells so, it may be
          replaced by a different one.