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     INFO(2)                                                   INFO(2)

          info - Get the box information.

          #include <ulib.h>

          void info(char* sel, char* selc, Stat* st)

          Each box has a some information, or metadata, attached to
          it.  Info retrieves the information for a box with name sel
          and constraint selc and places it in the st structure.

          The Stat structure is defined as follows

               typedef struct Stat    Stat;
               struct Stat {
                   char    kind[MAXKIND];
                   char    owner[MAXUSER];
                   char    putter[MAXUSER];
                   long    ptime;
                   long    gtime;
                   long    size;
                   long    vers;
                   char    operm;
                   char    wperm;

          kind    is a string with both the box type and associated
                  constraint separated by "!". It contains at least
                  one word with the box type. The constraint is guar-
                  anteed to match selc.
          owner   is a string with the name of the user who owns the
          putter  is a string with the name of the user who last
                  changed the box.
          ptime   is the time of the last box change.
          gtime   is the time of the last box access.
          size    is the box size in bytes.
          vers    is the number of updates made to the box.
          operm   is the set of permissions for the owner.
          wperm   is the set of permissions for others.

          Permissions are made of the following bits:
          PGet     Box contents can be accessed.
          PPut     Box contents can be changed.
          PSel     Selectors and info can be retrieved.
          PLnk     Another box can be linked to it.
          PMk      Inner boxes can be made.
          PDel     The box can be deleted.

     INFO(2)                                                   INFO(2)

          PDeldie  The box will be removed when the creator process
          PDeltmp  The box will be removed if unused during a whole


     See also
          lb(1) and chinfo(2).

          If a process creates a box with PDeldie permission set and
          it is no longer connected to the machine hosting the box
          when it dies, the box is not removed.