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     MFS(4)                                                     MFS(4)

          mfs, speaksrvstd, spellwords  - network media file system

          mfs [ -abcdwAD ] [ -V volname ] [ -s srv ] [ -m mnt ] [ -n
          addr ] [ -p playcmd ]

          speaksrvstd [ -i ] [ speech ]


          Mfs services a volume for playing media files. By default,
          it provides a service to reproduce MPEG 2 Layer 3 files.
          Using it together with speaksrvstd to provide a speech ser-
          vice is also common.  It listens for 9P clients at the net-
          work address tcp!*!audio by default. Flags -abcAD and
          options -Vsmn are like those in most file servers and are
          described in planbfs(4).

          The player command used to decode the media file is by
          default mpeg3play - and receives the MPEG file through

          This can be changed using option -p.  Most notably, the
          voice volume relies on this option to wrap speech programs.
          This is done by using speaksrvstd as the underlying program.
          This program delivers the text given as arguments to a
          remote speech utility (Festival for Linux, in the version
          distributed for this program). Before delivering the text,
          the filter spellwords is applied to the text, if such filter
          exists. This is useful to translate the text to a more
          appropriate format for speech, e.g., replace planb with plan
          b and other similar rewrites.

          If option -w is supplied to mfs, each write pipes to a dif-
          ferent instance of the underlying program.  Option -d
          enables debug messages, and -D enables even more debugging.

          Option -v enables a volume control file.

          The volume announces itself as /devs/audio unless a differ-
          ent name is given with the -V option.