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     USERS(6)                                                 USERS(6)

          users - file server user list format

          The permanent file servers each maintain a private list of
          users and groups, in /adm/users by convention.  Each line in
          the file has the format


          where name and leader are printable strings excluding the
          characters `?', `=', `+', `-', `/', and `:', and members is
          a comma-separated list of such strings.  Such a line defines
          a user and a group with the given name; the group has a
          group leader given by leader and group members given by the
          user names in members. The leader field may be empty, in
          which case any group member is a group leader.  The members
          field may be empty.

          Lines beginning with `#' are ignored.

          The id in a line is an identifier used in the on-disk struc-
          tures maintained by a file server; there should be no dupli-
          cate ids in the file.  In fossil(4), ids are arbitrary text
          strings, typically the same as name. In older Plan 9 file
          servers, ids are small decimal numbers.  In those, a nega-
          tive id is special: a user with a negative id cannot attach
          to the file server.  The file /adm/users itself is owned by
          user adm and write protected to others, so it can only be
          changed via console commands.

          intro(5), stat(5), fossilcons(8)