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     SEARCHPATH(3)                                       SEARCHPATH(3)

          search - search for named executable

          #include <u.h>
          #include <libc.h>

          char*     searchpath(char *name)

          Searchpath searches for the executable name in the same way
          that sh(1) and rc(1) do.

          The environment variable $PATH is treated as a colon-
          separated list of directories in which to look for name. An
          empty string in the list is treated as the current direc-
          tory.  If an executable named name is found in one of the
          directories, searchpath returns a pointer to a malloced
          string containing a path (dir/name, or simply name) suitable
          for use in open(3) or exec(3).

          If name begins with ./ , ../ , or / , then the search path
          is ignored.  If name exists and is an executable, then
          searchpath returns a malloced string containing name.

          The returned buffer should be freed when no longer needed.
          If name is not found, searchpath returns nil.