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     NDB(1)                                                     NDB(1)

          ndbquery, ndbmkhash, ndbmkdb, ndbipquery, ndbmkhosts -
          network database

          ndbquery [ -f dbfile ] attr value [ rattr ]
          ndbipquery attr value rattr...
          ndbmkhash file attr

          The network database holds administrative information used
          by authdial (see authsrv(3)) and secstored(1).

          Ndbquery searches the database for an attribute of type attr
          and value value. If rattr is not specified, all entries
          matched by the search are returned.  If rattr is specified,
          the value of the first pair with attribute rattr of all the
          matched entries is returned.

          Ndbipquery uses ndbipinfo (see ndb(3)) to search for the
          values of the attributes rattr corresponding to the system
          with entries of attribute type attr and value value.

          Ndbmkhash creates a hash file for all entries with attribute
          attr in database file file. The hash files are used by
          ndbquery and by the ndb library routines.

          Ndbmkdb is used in concert with awk(1) scripts to convert
          uucp systems files and IP host files into database files.
          It is very specific to the situation at Murray Hill.

          When the database files change underfoot, running programs
          track them properly.  Nonetheless, to keep the database
          searches efficient it is necessary to run ndbmkhash whenever
          the files are modified.  It may be profitable to control
          this by a frequent cron(8) job.

          Ndbmkhosts generates a BSD style hosts, hosts.txt, and
          hosts.equiv files from ndb data base files specified on the
          command line (default /ndb/local and /ndb/friends).  It only
          processes hosts whose domain names end in domname. The out-
          put files are named db.domname, equiv.domname, and
          txt.domname.  For historical reasons, the default domname is

               % ndbquery sys helix
               sys=helix bootf=/mips/9powerboot
                    ip= ether=080069020427

     NDB(1)                                                     NDB(1)


               first database file searched

               hash files for /ndb/local


          ndb(3), ndb(7)