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     CORE(1)                                                   CORE(1)

          core - print information about dead processes

          core [ dir | corefile ]...

          Core prints information about dead processes that have been
          saved as core dumps.

          Core reads its arguments in order.  If a directory is
          encountered, core reads every core file named core.* or
          *.core in that directory.

          For each core file read, core prints the command stack file,
          the date and time the core was generated, and the command
          that generated it.  The stack command, if run, prints a
          stack trace of the executing thread at the time of the core
          dump; see db(1).

          If no arguments are given, core searches the directory
          $COREDIR for core files; if $COREDIR is not set, core
          searches the current directory.


          acid(1), db(1), core(5)