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emu - Inferno emulator


emu [Options... ]


The emu command provides the Inferno emulation environment. The emulator runs as an application under the machine's native operating system, which provides system services.

The emu command starts an Inferno shell (default /dis/sh.dis), whose path name is interpreted in the Inferno file name space, not in the native operating system's name space.


Options may be set from the environment variable EMU but are overridden by options supplied on the command line

The -c option determines the manner in which the emulator will process Dis programs.



Unless specified otherwise by the module, emu uses an interpreter to execute Dis instructions on the native machine.


Setting the option argument to non-zero changes the default behavior to compile Dis into native instructions when a module is loaded (just-in-time compilation). This results in faster execution but larger run-time size.


Setting the option argument to larger values engages compiler trace facilities.


Define screen width and height in pixels. The default values are 640 and 480 respectively. Values smaller than the defaults are ignored.


Specify the default font for the tk module. The path is interpreted in the Inferno name space. If unspecified, the font variable has value <inferno_root>/fonts/lucm/unicode.9.font.

(See Notes section below for value of <inferno_root>.)


Specify directory that emu will serve as its root instead of <inferno_root>. See Notes below for default values.


This option specifies how the emulator deals with traps reported by the operating system. By default, traps suspend execution of the offending thread. When the -s option is set, emu makes no arrangements to catch traps and, if they occur, the emu process responds accordingly (e.g., terminates with core file). This facilitates debugging of the broken process via tools in the host environment.

-ppoolname =maxsize

Specify the maximum size (in bytes) of the named memory allocation pool. The pools are:


the general malloc arena


the Dis virtual machine heap


image storage for the display


Garbage collector mark-and-sweep trace parameter.


Restrict emu to 7-bit (128 element) color map. The default is 256 elements. Useful for X-terminals with few color maps.


The default Inferno shell.

See Also

limbo, and sh


Default value of <inferno_root> is /usr/inferno on Unix-hosted systems and \users\inferno on Windows-hosted systems.

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