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Inferno Command Line Utilities

The following utilities described in this chapter are the commands that are normally executed from the command line interpreter (shell):
bind, mount, unmount - change name space

cat - concatenate files

cd - change working directory

chmod - change file mode (permissions)

cmp - compare files

cp - copy files

cs - start connection server daemon

date - print the date

diff - differential file comparator

du - disk usage

echo - print arguments

grep - search file(s) for a pattern

kill - terminate process(es)

limbo - Limbo compiler

ls - list contents of directory

mathcalc - interface to a TclLib calculator module

mkdir - make a directory

mv - rename/move files

netstat - summarize network connections

nsbuild - build Inferno name space

os - interface OS commands (hosted Inferno only)

p - paginate

ps - thread status

pwd - print working directory

rcmd - remote command execution

rm - remove file(s)

sh - command line interface to the Inferno system

sleep - suspend execution for an interval

time - time command execution

unicode - interpret Unicode characters

wc - word (and other things) counter

wish - interface to the Tk graphics toolkit


Multiple options must be entered separately and must be separated by a space. For example:

emu -g600x800 -7 -rusr/release1/inferno

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