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     VBLADE(8)                                               VBLADE(8)

          vblade - virtual AoE target

          vblade [ -ir ] [ -s size ] [ -a shelf.slot ] [ -m eamask ][
          -c config ] file [ -e ether ]

          For each file specified, vblade serves it as an AoE (ATA-
          over-Ethernet) target via the specified interfaces.  The
          default interface is /net/ether0.  Since AoE uses raw Ether-
          net frames, the target is only visible on the local ethernet

          All target-related options are reset for each file.

          -i         Initialize the configuration header in file. All
                     previous configuration information is lost.
                     Without this option, configuration is read from
                     file and command like options override previous

          -r         Raw.  Do not use a configuration header.  This is
                     useful when exporting a device or file not gener-
                     ally exported by vblade.

          -s n       The exported target will have size n, rather than
                     the available space in the target.  A size may
                     end in `p', `t', `g', `m', or `k' to specify a
                     binary multiplier.

          -a m.n     Specify the shelf and slot (or major and minor)
                     address of the target.  Valid shelf numbers are
                     between 0 and 65534.  Valid slots are 0-255.

          -m eamask  Specifiy a ethernet mask.  Multiple masks may
                     be set.  If set, only respond to targets in the
                     mask set.  Ignore all other requests.

          -c s       Set the AoE config string to s.

          -e ether   Listen to the network port ether. Multiple ports
                     may be specified.

          aoe(3), sdaoe(3),


     VBLADE(8)                                               VBLADE(8)

          Security depends on control of the local Ethernet segment.
          It may be unwise to serve AoE on a segment bridged to a
          wireless network.